Costs associated with a yachting vacation

Sailing Vessels

Most sailing yachts and Catamarans in the Caribbean are offer on an all inclusive basis. This includes all operating expenses and provisions with the following exceptions:

  • Guest Communications- Many yachts now provide some level of internet access. This range varies from finding a shoreside hotspot to full onboard WIFI. Bandwidth range varies greatly. Guest bringing Cell phones, should inquire with their carrier to determine coverage prior to arrival. Many plans even those with "worldwide coverage" , are not supported without substantial surcharge.
  • Dockage, when requested- Dockage on the Day of departure and return are usually at the boats expense when utilized.  Those wishing the convenience of a berth in a marina to facilitate shore side activities or Air Conditioning without a generator should plan to pay additional for this.
  • Shoreside activities- including island tours, dinner or drinks ashore, taxi from the airport, about anything not onboard is typically at the guests additional expense.
  • SCUBA Diving- See notes specific to each yacht on the price lists and boat pages. If "Rendezvous Only" Diving directly from the yacht is not possible.
  • Taxes, & Cruising Fees- British Virgin Island rates average about $45.00 per person per week winter. These are increasingly paid by the yacht on inclusive charters. Elsewhere fees are being added my many destinations including the St. Vincent & the Grenadines , Grenada, St. Lucia, Anquilla.
  • Fine Wines and Champagne- and rare spirits. The Quality of wines included in the Ships standard Bar varies. Typically more expensive yacht serve better quality wine. If your beverage requests are for small quantities, the quality provided tend to be better. Discuss this with 1st Class Yachts.
  • Surcharge- For short term charters. Most Crewed yachts charge a 10% surcharge for charter less than 6 days in length. 

In the Greater Caribbean

  • Bar Beverages- are generally not included outside the Virgin Islands and  a few sailboats which charter the winter season in St. Maarten. Bar beverages include all  juices, mixers, soft drinks as well as alcoholic  beverages.
  • Relocation Fees- When charged, 1/2 the normal daily charter fee is typically accessed for a yacht to relocated outside their normal charter area unless multiple charters or longer term charters are arranged.

Motor Yachts

In the Virgin Islands 
Most power Yachts are offered "All Inclusive" with the same exceptions noted for sailing yachts. Plus a limit of the hours of cruising  per day or week.  Additional time motoring is normally not needed but, if you want to see and be seen additional hours of cruising are available at cost. Few motoryachts anywhere else in the world are offered under all inclusive terms.

Caribbean Mega Yachts
Expectations of the quality of  provisions as well as the substantial fuel consumption of these larger motor yachts dictate that all expenses are charge in addition to the charter fee rather that doing a "cost average" method which most sailing yacht use. Expect an additional 25% to 35% of the basic charter fee for expenses. An accounting of expenses is available upon reasonable request prior to the the end of charter, as well as prior to disembarkation. Expenses are drawn against your deposit of your anticipated expense deposit which are normally due with the final deposit usually 45 days prior to charter. 

Cost of provisioning on these "plus all expense" charters are noticeably higher in Antigua than in St. Martin or the US & BVI's. This $5,000  or $10,000 difference in additional expense may not be realized if a relocation fee is charged however. We feel this location decision is  "of note" when considering destinations and cruising areas.

Charters shorter than 6 nights on motoryachts are normally prorated on the basis of a 6 day week. Example, a 5 night charter costs 5/6th of the normal charter fee, when accepted by the yacht. 

Standard Charter Fees 

Weekly rates are quoted, 7 nights and 8 days usually.  Your time onboard usually runs from Noon to Noon unless other arrangements are made. 
Charters may be of any length, however shorter charters encounter price surcharges, 
and acceptance by the yacht must be confirmed. 

Christmas and New Years Rates and Terms
Most yachts require minimum term charter over these holidays. 7 nights to 2 weeks are typical minimum lengths. Price surcharges, (usually 10%) and/or minimum (full) occupancy over these holiday periods often apply. 
These special conditions are quoted individually and are not listed on our website. 

Plan early for holiday charters to avoid Disappointment!
Most Larger yachts
(8 or more guests) have booked one or more of their holiday weeks by early June. Sailing yachts able to comfortably accommodate
 10 or more guests frequently book holiday weeks over a year in advance!

Crew Gratuity
Crewed chartering is a service-oriented business and, as in any service business, a gratuity is appropriate and appreciated.  Most guests are comfortable with a tip of between 10 % and 20% of the charter fee, but the decision, of course, is up to you. 

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