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Chartering the Caribbean  in Winter
Caribbean Motoryachts are more easily considered if divided into two groups. 
  1. Yachts which have made  the Virgin Islands their home. They are usually offered "All Inclusive"
  2. Yachts which have the ability to travel the world widely and do,
     but generally spend the Winter in the Caribbean.
    They are always offered  Plus all Expenses basis.
Virgin Islands Based all inclusive Yachts - typically these are under 100 feet.  Although many accept charters outside our VI waters, they do not do so with delivery feesin addition to charter fees do to the additional running time. Expenses on VI charters  are reasonably predictable.  These yachts have found most guests are more comfortable with fixed priced terms. Terms for these all inclusive charter are similar sailing yachts chartering here.
MegaYachts - Cruising the world usually returning to the Caribbean for the Winter Season. These yacht are offered on an Plus all expenses basis because of the great diversity in expenses according to the literary you set and the preferences of the guests. This is the only logical means of pricing for yachts of this nature. The smallest of the group hardly qualifies for the moniker "megayacht" but as they otherwise fit the criteria we include them in this class. Generally Yachts proceeding to the Mediterranean for the summer, leave the Caribbean in April or May. Those yachts heading north to the Bahamas, and the East Coast of the US, stay around somewhat later but generally leave the Caribbean by early June. On average 25% to 35% of the basic charter fee, additional, should anticipated for expenses, plus a crew gratuity. An accounting is made of the actual expenses at the end of your charter. The expenses themselves are drawn against the "advanced provisioning allowance" which is deposited at the time of the final payment of the basic charter fee, usually 45 days prior to your charter date. Relocation fees often apply when relocating to different cruising areas. Much depends on the boat and the owner of the boat's schedule. Announcemented Mega yacht schedules for the next winter season are always delayed and rarely fixed until a specific yachts first booking is confirmed.
Key to symbols

Charters include "Ship's -Standard Bar" and Provisions as well as the fuel required for motorized watersports and generators and what is "typically required" to cruise  the area in which the charter will occur.  The exact amount of "running time" is limited by individual yachts and varies. Normally this is stated as 20 hours per week or 3-4 hours per day. The Captain will normally not exceed this total without discussing it with you.  Inclusive charters are normally offered only in the Virgin Islands for this reason. 

 BVI cruising Taxes and license when noted are about $5.00 per person Day in addition. Licenses and fees in vary in other locations.
Look here for Clarification of All Inclusive Terms. 
The Charter fees quoted is for the hire of the vessel,  a suitably equipped and trained crew, it's equipment  all in working order for the the specific period.  

All Expenses are in addition to this basic fee, including - all provisions food, beverages, water, taxes, cruising fees, dockage, fuel for engines, watersports, and generators as well as incidental expenses required for your specific charter. Guest expectations, and literary will cause the estimates of these anticipated expense to  vary considerably. Typically 25 to 30% of the basic charter fee usually covers expenses.

The vast cruising range  of the larger yachts often results in a delivery fee charged when the charter location is outside the yachts base area, 

Cabin Type

All cabins assume double occupancy. 
Cabin type refers only to the type of Bed in the cabin not it's overall size. 

Twin cabin reflects 2 single beds. Some yachts have Pullman upper berths which may add one or more sleeping berths to it's maximum capacity. These are best for children only. 
(Dbl) Double cabins are suitable of 2 adults but are otherwise of indeterminate size, ask us. 
Qn Queen Cabins usually can more accurately called VIP staterooms. 
K King Sized usually are situated in large "Master Staterooms"
The cost of SCUBA Diving and instruction may or may not be included in the charter fee as noted on the boat's webpage. This symbol indicates it is available directly from the  yacht. Yachts with  have an instructor as part of the crew.
Dockage, (when requested) Fine wine, Champagne, Guest's Communication, and other Special Requests, are never included in Inclusive Rates.

It is customary for a gratuity to be presented to the worthy crew 
typically this is about 15% of the basic charter fee. 

The  "Costs" page has more general information of expenses associated with both Sailing and Motor Vessels.
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