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Belline II
48' Privilege Catamaran
A Dream Come True. . .

Sailing on Catamaran Belline II is a wonderful experience for everybody , because of her stability , speed and space !
We offer our guests the opportunity to leave stress and concrete civilization behind to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime on the beautifully decorated and fully equipped BELLINE II

She is outfitted for luxury and welcomes you with all the comforts of home in fast and stable cruising style. You are invited to enjoy a fascinating sailing experience to the most romantic beaches of the Caribbean.

We place high priority on our friendly "feet at home" atmosphere and encourage guests to discover the islands and to personally meet their inhabitants..

Belline's salon

The main salon has a cherry wood table and two comfortable sofas where you can read a book, watch a movie or listen to music. Belline II offers you music speackers inside, in the cockpit area and on the front deck. Belline's salon 
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The cockpit seating area is a fantastic outside terrace with a teak table and deck chairs where you can enjoy sunrise at breackfast, cocktails at sunset and the stars at dinners. It is fully covered with a bimini and side wing awning for sun shading and two large sun beds are provided on both side of the cockpit where guests may enjoy a night under the sparkling stars.

Cockpit on  Belline #1107-1039  ©DdV@1cyc.com 2012

At anchor in a secluded bay

Diving for c ertified Divers. . . Unlimited possibilities

Stadard Cabin #1107-1037  ©DdV@1cyc.com 2012


Forward Cabin  
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The Forward Cabins (above) and aft (below) cabins are nearly identical in size. They are slightly different in configuration and each has it's unique color scheme and tastefully decorated with Caribbean Art. 

aft cabin
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To cruise on the comfortable BELLINE II is not only a fascinating sailing experience, it is a dream vacation to the most romantic beaches of the Caribbean. We place high priority on our friendly ,,feel at home" atmosphere. Our guests are invited to participate in the daily activities and we encourage them to discover the Islands and meet their inhabitants in a very individual way..

Our program

A vacation on the BELLINE II offers so much more than just a sight-seeing and sunbathing experience. We can customize your charter to explore a variety of Caribbean Islands, from the Grenadines to the British Virgin Islands. Guests have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities including sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, fishing, water-skiing and much much more. All literally on your doorstep and with the expert guidance of trained professionals

Spacious galley is equipped with an Italian 4 burner stove and oven/broiler as well as a Swiss fully-automatic espresso coffee machine. Guests can enjoy dining in the very large cockpit with culinary delights straight from the deck grill. BELLINE II carries two refrigerators and a freezer ensuring minimal re-provisioning during your charter. All meals and drinks are attractively presented on quality dishes and glassware.



Your  Belline II Crew

Captain/Chef Walter Wegmann and Arlette Wyss, First mate and dive instructor

Captain/Chef Walter Wegmann and Arlette Wyss, First mate and dive instructor

Walter Wegmann – Captain and Chef is a licensed captain and a certified mechanic from Switzerland. He always has a helping hand for other boaters, too! They call him, “Walter-will-fix-it”.

During a very cold and rainy summer in Europe in 1987, Walter shruffed off the chill and flew off to the Dominican Republic for a dive vacation. He fell in love with the beauty of the Caribbean and stayed, opening one of the first European dive schools there. He never stopped dreaming from the perfect dive & relax vacation solution.

In 1991 he went to France and setting foot for the first time on Belline ll. After some customization work on the catamaran, Walter sailed through the challenging Bay of Biscay, off to the Mediterranean Sea, where he cruised along the French coast, the Spain’s Balearic Islands, Gibraltar and the Canary Islands. From there Walter and his crew set Belline’s sails for the crossing of the broad Atlantic. They had a wonderfully quiet and blissful crossing, and made landfall 21 days later in the British Virgin Islands. Walter and his crew thought they where the next Columbus in Paradise, when they found that the beer at Pusser’s was only a nickel! (What they didn’t know was, they had landed on a Thursday, when Pusser’s Pub was celebrating a special “nickel-night”).

Walter will be not only be your all-inclusive vacations charter yacht captain, but also your gourmet chef, as cooking is he’s true passion! Somebody even said: “You cook better than my mother!” That says everything, doesn’t it?

During all this time Walter has hosted over 3000 guests and made lots of new friends, many returning year after year to enjoy their "dream come true" Caribbean vacation.

Arlette Wyss – First mate and dive instructor

Arlette Wyss is also a native of Switzerland. She is a certified horse trainer, specializing in a variety of equestrian disciplines. She traveled extensively the past 5 years, crossing the USA by Greyhound bus from west to east, working in Idaho and Nevada as a real cowgirl, reprised that role in Brasil as a “gauchera” on a “facenda”, conquered the Amazon, hiked through Iceland, drove all over New Zealand, slept under the stars in the Sahara Desert and explored the west coast of Greenland on a sailing expedition.

But nothing can beat the beautiful Caribbean and the life on the water. She was only a small child when she was the first time sailing on Belline II with her family. That obviously impressed her enough to return again and again, and to dream of a life on Belline II. Arlette has a Swiss yachtmaster’s license, a 50ft RIB license and VHF certification. Also as a professional PADI dive instructor she’s always happy to take you on a dive around the most stunning reefs of the Caribbean or even blow the first bubbles with you! Arlette achieved a Swiss certification in professional bartending, presentation and service of drinks and snacks.

Her happy face earns her favour and empathy and a smile is always there, even in moments when it’s hectic, with quick thinking and action required. She is comfortable running all deck duties, and she keeps all water sports activities fully under control.

Arlette has been crewing on-and-off with the Belline ll on several charters in the past three years and she worked with Walter in the summer months in the boat yard.

" Live slow sail fast "

Here are some suggestions from Belline's Menu

Equipment & Toys

14' Caribe dinghy w/60 HP

2 two-man Ocean kayak
Scurfer - Tube
snorkel equipment
Games - noodles
Diveglider -2 Aquanauts
Deepsea fishing rods with holders
Internet (Hot Spots)
TV/DVD  - stereo
All Cabins with DVD/TV MP3

Air-Conditioned (until Midnight) 


DiveDivemaster, Compressor, 8 tanks, 8 BC's, 8 reg.' w/octopus, assorted Shorty wetsuits,  & Underwater video Camera Onboard unlimited dive $45 pp/dive .Discover Scuba $150 includes 3 dives

Going GreenEco Initiative - Makes purified drinking water, Re-usable water bottles, LED Lights,, Solar Panel, Green Cleaning Products, Dishwaser uses only 6 Liters water.

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Belline II's Layout

Belline II

Summer 2016
1 Couple --  $ 11,500
2 Couples - $12,500
3 Couples - $13,800
4 Couples - $15,800

 Charter Rates

Winter 2017
1 Couple --  $ 11,500
2 Couples - $12,500
3 Couples - $13,800
4 Couples - $15,800

Summer 2017
1 Couple --  $ 11,500
2 Couples - $12,500
3 Couples - $13,800
4 Couples - $15,800

Honeymoons - 2 guests for 7 nights for $9999 (Summer Season only please)

½ Board subtract $150pp

Fuel Surcharge to run the AC all night $50/night
otherwise until Midnight

Belline II charters the US and British Virgin Islands and St. Marten. Gourmet Foods,  and strong focus on watersports especially diving at a modest price are trademarks of this catamaran charter yacht.

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